Serving and Training

Serving and Training

Daniel Salgado

The National Guard offers a Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) that allows its enlisted soldiers an opportunity to get an experience on some of the drills and activities that soldiers experience in Basic Combat Training.There is a drill every month, and each month the RSP Bravo company practices a new form of combat. Seniors Michael Almaraz and Felipe Sosa are both enlisted in the National Guard and attend drill every month.

“I love how each month we do something new. Last drill we were fighting with pugil sticks and it was intense. I’m excited to find out what we are going to do the next drill,” said Almaraz.

Each drill requires its participants to take a PT test which includes a two mile run, two minutes of pushups, and two minutes of situps. The recruits have to complete a certain number of pushups and situps in under two minutes. The number of repetitions required depends on their age and weight.

“The hardest part of drill for me is the 2 mile run. I tried running outside of drill to get better but it’s hard to find time. I hope I can manage my time better in the future so that I can get a better time on my 2 mile run Overall, I love drill and I really appreciate what my sergeants do for the company to get us prepared, ” said Sosa