Marquette, where you have unlimited paths towards success

Mayra Barrios

Marquette University is a private Catholic Jesuit university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This college offers a comprehensive range of majors in 11 nationally and internationally recognized colleges and schools. The counseling department and 40 juniors visited Marquette on November 3.

“What’s original of the college is the way they keep it real with the students and the way they give students their good education they need, to be prepared for their major,” said junior Aldo Gil.

On the college trip a former Phoenix alumni who is now attending Marquette said he applied for the EOP courses, which helped him be prepare for college classes.  

“The school offers us a program called EOP to take courses before to prepare us if we do consider going to Marquette,” said junior Diana Aguilar

Marquette offers sports for both genders such as Basketball, Cross country, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field. For only girls the school offers volleyball.

“They have lots of clubs like sororities and fraternities and lots of sports such as basketball, volleyball and football,” said Aguilar.

For almost every major Marquette offers, there is a specific building that goes with that major.

“I liked that it’s primarily a small university and the classes are somewhat small depending on the major you have. But the teachers seem like they focus on the students individually. I disliked that students have to dorm their freshman and sophomore year,” said Aguilar.

The requirements to be accepted to this college are an ACT score in the range of 24-30. However, a Phoenix alumni had an ACT of 22 and is doing fine.

“The requirements to get in is having good grades of like a B and or higher in your classes, and a combined of SAT scores of 1600 or higher and ACT composite scores of 24 or better,”said Gil.