Is This Really A Break?

Jaylin Lara


During the year, students from Phoenix Military Academy are off during the holidays. Current juniors Mayra Aguilar and Jackie Valadez may be off school, but they are not on break from doing homework.

Although homework is often given to practice one’s skills, is it unfair for students to be given homework during their short break? This could possibly interfere with the time they would like to spend with their families or friends. Valadez is excited for the break, but she still plans to accomplish her homework.

“I’m planning to catch up on some art work and sleep. I’m also looking forward to being with my friends and family who I don’t necessarily see on a daily basis,” said Valadez.

Even though many believe that break is to kick back and not worry about anything; this is not the case. Many students are required to complete homework.

“I do expect a lot of homework because the teachers usually leave us homework, even if it’s during a break,” said Aguilar.

The consequence of homework given during a holiday break is that many students may not complete their tasks to their full potential or at all.

“In all honesty, homework is not my first priority during my break because break for me means spending time with relatives and friends I don’t see on a daily basis, so I want to spend the most time I can with them. In the end, I’m rushed doing my work,” said Valadez.