Girls Basketball on the rise

Jamel Gooden

The girls basketball team had tryouts with 20 girls who participated.

“I feel great about the the season so far because we had about 20 girls come to tryouts. We have 12 girls on the roster that are highly motivated,” said Coach Sgt Hurley.

They hope to have a good season based off the fact that the team had their best record ever last year. They came in second place in the playoffs and luckily for them they still have the same players from last year, which keeps the team hungry because they know what they need to do in order to win.

“I think we going to have a good season because of the new teams they have to play which includes Clemente,” said Hurley.

This year the team has plenty of freshmen who have played basketball before and can be the future of the team for years to come.

“I feel excited because of the new freshman that are talented and coachable,” said coach Annelle Breitsprecher.

Even though the team had a winning record last year their opponents scored too many points, that could have lead them to losing if their offense had not bailed them out. In order for the team to win it all this year, they will need to have better defense.

“Defense has to be improved on the most, along with making free throws,” said senior LaKya Foster.