Bowling comes up short against Taft

Bowling comes up short against Taft

Mayra Barrios

The boys bowling team game was on  November 23 against Taft High School at Waveland Bowl. In Taft’s bowling team bowlers score above a 200. Rowland Paris is the boys coach for the bowling team.

“My favorite part about being a bowling coach is getting guys to comment as a team” said Coach Paris.

In order to bowl right you need three things, proper starting posture, balance, and bowing arm after the ball is released.

“I just walk and through it on either the left side or the right side of pin number one,” Salvador Gonzalez

If you don’t bow your arm when releasing the ball, then you take the chance to see the ball  changing its trajectory.

“My weakness are speed and powers, my strength would be curving,” said Luciano Alvarez

The highest points that can be scored in a game is 300. Which the guys bowling coach has been near too.

“285 points is my Highest ever score,” said Paris.

In game one the team ended with a total of 554 points, the second game 495 points and the last game with 457 points. While Taft was already beating Phoenix bowling team in the first round in a couple of frames.

“Taft is my hardest opponent because on the first round on frame four they were already on a average of 300 points,” said Alvarez.

Taft’s score for the first game was 820 points, 913 points in game two, and 764 points in their last game.

“We try our best to win but we didn’t give up,” said Alvarez