Destiny Review

Destiny Review

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As many may know Destiny, which was a collaboration between the studios Bungie and Activision, was one of the newer games that came out in 2014 that was one of the first help the transition to the Next-Gen consoles. In this game you play as a long dead hero who had fallen in battle but is brought back my foreign technology to help fight for the last of humanity and save the universe from the ‘darkness’. Though it may have been one of the highest pre-orders in history, and one of the best sellers in 2014, how good is it?.

Many people have bought the game, all with a different reason. Some people seemed to like the idea of the story, and the fact it was from renowned company Bungie. Others buy it due to overwhelming push from peers.

“I became interested in Destiny because my brother played the first one and I would play with him sometimes. I came to own it and get into it myself when the manager at my local Gamestop suggested that I buy it.” said gamer Patrick Didona.

“I think the gameplay is pretty good, especially when I compare it to the first one. I love the evolution of the maps and the addition of new planets to explore. As a guardian, you become obsessed with increasing your light level and having the best gear equipped.” said Didona

What has brought people to adore Destiny is  its open world sandbox exploration, character and armor customizations, and the Sci-fi element infused with graphics.

The game’s initial release was massive, many players were involved in the beta testing before p the  week of release. Many people wonder if it will stand the test of time. ? Most were content on the quality of the game; some were not satisfied with how Bungie is overseeing glitch fixes, balancing, and updates.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s inconsistent. There are times when you get great rewards after missions that you shouldn’t and then times where super challenging strikes don’t bear rewards that are fair. “ said junior Ciar Jones.

Others were disappointed by the content of story in the game’s campaign or otherwise the cost of Downloadable content.

“I still found it to be too short. I also kind of dislike how the progression of the story as a whole could be tied to one task. I wish that the story line had more alternate routes that you could take it in depending on what missions you choose to complete and in what order.” said Patrick Didona.

The testament spoken from its players was both Positive and Negative; people believe the game series could live on if it corrects its mistakes and continues to listen to its community for advice on how to fix the game. It is all up to you guardians.