Volleyball State Run hits abrupt loss

Gladis Martinez

The girls volleyball team played their last game on Monday October 26, 2015 against Holy Trinity High School. It was a very close game for both teams, but Trinity got the win 25-23. For the entire Phoenix volleyball team. Thier loss had a huge impact especially for Senior Maria Jimenez and Junior Lesley Delgado.

Jimenez has been playing for quite a long time to begin with. She has been playing for six years already and hopes to continue to play. Playing four years at Phoenix is something unforgetable.

“ [The best part is] probably being the only setter on the team for 3 years and how much of a committed player I was. I took the setter position being extremely uncomfortable with it, but I took it as a challenge and was successful with it. Volleyball is my passion, being in a team one makes me want to play for hours and two help others that need it,” said Jimenez.

Since Jimenez has been playing since freshman to senior year, she took it horrible after they lost the state game.

“[I felt] extremely horrible, the score was 24 to 23 I got the ball and planned to do a tricky move, I sent the ball to the other team since they expected three hits from us but in the process of doing that I sent the ball too far back, I gave them the last point. Nobody understands how much that one point hurt me,” said Jimenez.

Delgado has been in the volleyball team for the past 3 years. Her goal for senior year is to improve her skills in order to have a winning team her senior year.

“Next year I am going to try harder because I’m going to be a senior.  Seniors will be the ones leading the volleyball team next year and I want to do a great job on helping  the other ladies improve and to become comfortable with us,” said Delgado.

Next year would be a little different since Delgado would be a senior and she would be leading the volleyball team along with the other seniors that are in the team. Delgado and the other team members will set the example for the rest of the team.  For example, they will show them how to take the game serious and have fun at the same time.

“[Advice I’ll give them is to] have fun and to give it all they have.  To not get nervous because being nervous can cause you to worry and panic and will prevent you to enjoy the games with your teammates,” said Delgado.

Next year would be a fresh start for the volleyball team and may the odds be in their favor to win the state game.