Rolling to Success

Rickie Ghoston

PMA bowling team is trying to make 2016 yet another successful year.

Last year The boys bowling team won their conference going undefeated and placing 5th in the city playoffs out of 13 teams, and the girls had equal success by placing 1st in their division.

“This sport helps you clear your mind “ said sophomore Shantia Boyle. This sport is not like no other. In other sports you need to run a lot and sweat, this sport you basically need to relax.

The bowling team practices every Wednesday and right before every game. The bowling team coach Mr. Paris has put his best foot forward to make this team as good as possible.

” I believe they are very good and they teach us a lot” said senior Andres Palomar.    

Bowlining is a sport of patience and relaxing. If you are stressed or mad during the game, it’s a good chance you will roll a gutter ball each time.

“If you’re not having fun while playing this sport that means you need to find a different one” said Shantia Boyle

When asked the entire bowling team what was there main goal of the season they all had the same response,“We want to win regionals”.