Moving On In Life

Kimberly Huerta

As the seniors are getting ready to move on and get out of high school, they are first trying to figure out their route. The counselors help them by taking them to college trips, and not just universities but community colleges as well.They were taken to Richard Daley and Kennedy King College. These two differed in many different ways but some students enjoyed one more than the other.
“I liked that it opened my eyes about what school can benefit me more and what school will cost me way less than the one I was looking forward to going to,” said senior Ezequiel Diaz.

Seniors enjoyed many things about this trip, but mainly was the way they were learning more about the expenses, and the amount of money they can save. It is very important for seniors to know about that.

“I already had a plan after high school, but it helped me plan out a plan b if my plan doesn’t work out,” said senior Jimmy Bellido.

It helped most understanding how they can get where they want to be after, how they can start, but not quite yet how to fulfill their dream completely. Although some might have a plan in mind already it helps them think about other options they have.

“I like Kennedy King College the best because it has the field I’m trying to study after high school,” said Diaz.

There were many advantages mentioned about going to a city college, and mainly they were about money. Although it’s different from universities it can always be easier and less expensive that way.

“A great advantage I learned from city colleges is that I can save up up to $30,000 for the same program I can get in a university for around $2,000,” said Diaz.

It is important to have an experience of something before you focus on it, and that is what these college trips are for and they are helping the seniors in many ways.