How can financial issues affect strategic planning in your future?

Shameria Jones

Many people seem to realize that financial issues may be their biggest obstacle when it comes to trying to build a successful future for themselves. Having a strategic plan helps students’ ideas become more organized.  Students learned about strategic plans and financial planning when Junior Achievement visited in October.

Strategic planning is a process of defining a strategy or plan, having direction, and making decisions to pursue the strategy or plan.

“Without money you can not succeed in life. In today’s society many people surround themselves in believing that money is the most important thing to lean on,” said junior Jamell Gooden.

Some financial  problems are caused by people thinking past due loans or bills would be expunged after 7 years, but that is not the reality. The biggest problem for many college graduates is not paying their debt off on time.

If students do not pay on time, opportunities might stop coming and their  ideas that they had dedicated their  future to  may even be put on hold. The success of strategic planning is based upon the success of financial planning. Without having a designated financial plan, all plans will not function, according to the volunteer from Junior Achievement.

“In life, managing your money is extremely important because it helps you become more stable in the future. You need to know how to manage your money responsibly in order to become successful,” said junior Eduardo Macedonio.

One thing the students learned about financial strategy is they should spend less money than they take in and then finding a way to put your excess money to work. A money management procedure involves creating budgets to understand and make decisions about where your money is going and how to handle it better than before.

When the time comes, having a specific plan for students future would soon become important to their lives. Having a successful future and being successful at managing  money properly as a student can help them become a better adult in their future.