National Awards

Melissa Moreno

On Thursday November 12, twelve students including  juniors Alejandra Olaguez and Abigail Smith attended the Journalism Education Association’s National Journalism Convention. They traveled to Orlando and arrived about 9:00 am.

“The hardest thing about the contest was not knowing what to expect. Like what type of article I had to write and I panicked in the sense that I almost forget,” said Olaguez.

Olaguez explained there was intense pressure in the competition, however, she won an award.

“I was overjoyed that I had actually got an award, I got a Honorable Mention for Yearbook Captions on Academics,” said Olaguez.

Other students like Smith, gained a lot from the trip.
“It was nice to get feedback on what we should and can do with our yearbook this year. We figured out some new techniques and cool shortcuts to work with this year that can also advance and adapt how we write articles, and how we can change our style for this year,” said Smith.

Senior Jonathan Trujillo competed for the first time and won an Honorable Mention for his review article.

However, the trip was not all focused on work, the students also had to time to have fun at Disney World.