Why Not Make Homecoming Mandatory?

Melissa Moreno

unnamed The Homecoming dance is a traditional week that Phoenix Military Academy has every year for students to enjoy. Events  such as Military Ball are mandatory for freshman and sophomores, how come Homecoming isn’t?

Homecoming’s purpose is to celebrate students, such as sophomores, juniors, seniors, even freshman, in a get together  celebration and to earn money for the senior events.

In some situations, Phoenix doesn’t earn enough money from the fundraising; some students believe that if homecoming is  mandatory the school will earn a lot more money.

“Homecoming shouldn’t be mandatory because some people don’t even want to go,” said senior Eduardo Sanchez.

Homecoming being mandatory is a topic that can be debatable, but what will students think if the school enforces it?

“If it does become mandatory there is going to be high expectations of excitement in the event,” said senior Madeline Moreno.

A point is made that if something is mandatory it should be a lot of fun since the students are paying for it. Other students believe that if homecoming becomes mandatory it will bring mental problems to some students, such as stressing on what to wear and to obtain a ride to get to the homecoming dance.

Homecoming should not be mandatory because people have anxiety and shouldn’t be forced into uncomfortable social situation,” said junior Krystal Rosales

Homecoming becoming mandatory is debatable and has its pros and cons.