The Firebirds Basketball team are outfitted with new Attire

Gregory Boyle

After many years, Phoenix has bought new basketball team jerseys, jumpsuits, and socks. Correspondingly the Away jerseys are colored different, at first it was red now it’s black with the secondary color of red. The boys and girls basketball team is very excited to receive their new uniforms.

“I really like the new uniforms. It’s something different and I think it’s about time the basketball

team has received some support,” said senior Donnovan Daley.

Phoenix has yet to have new uniforms for each of the basketball teams and coaches and students are pleased with the new changes and are grateful.

“All  of change is good it should be something to be proud to wear,” Said Coach B.

The changes were different and unique and players believe that it wouldn’t affect their play on the court but it’ll make them look good and feel good to wear it.

“I think it will barely affect how I play on the court against over teams it’s more like an personal feeling of looking great in the new uniforms,” said Daley.

Coaches and players believed that it was time for new uniforms because the boys home jerseys were turning pink in the washer and they were tearing.

“New uniforms will bring about pride to the players,” said Mrs. B.

The jersey change for home and away is different and players believe it was time to change the colors because it been a basic white and red for many years.

“The colors for the home jerseys is black and red with some white linen. The away jerseys are red and black with the white linen,” said Daley.

Phoenix Firebirds basketball teams are appreciative to the school new jersey’s and will be able to show off their hot new jerseys to start off their seasons.