Should Formation be Mandatory?

Madeleine Moreno

Formation at Phoenix Military Academy is where cadets fall into companies and listen to the commands from a commander. During Formation the cadets are informed of important information and events. Many students are unable to attend formation because of how early it is, for instance it starts at 7:30 and finishes at 8:00.

Many cadets are failing JROTC because the obstacles they face early in the morning, for example others live very far, and others simply refuse to attend. Therefore, Formation should be mandatory even though many cadets are failing JROTC and bringing down their GPA.

It is considered mandatory and students are given a grade for their discipline, uniform, and attendance. Yet this is a huge problem towards many students that do not wish to attend Formation.

“Since we are attending a military school, it should be mandatory because once you signed up for this school you also signed up to all the school’s regulations,” said junior Melissa Moreno.  

Being on time to Formation is the struggle every student faces and especially students that live further away from the school. Many students have to take more than two transportation methods to get to school and due to that they have to wake up two hours earlier.

“Traffic is the biggest obstacle I face every morning, I do not know if there is going to be a lot of traffic or maybe there will be hardly any traffic,” said Moreno.

Even though Formation is a hassle for many cadets, it is actually a good thing that it is mandatory.

“Formation prepares students for the real life. It helps them adapt to waking up early and show on time to important events, cadets learn discipline,” according to Moreno.

Formation has many benefits such as giving the students their daily school news, and this information can be very useful. Formation being mandatory is actually a good idea because it prepares cadets for future attendance. They adapt to waking up early and will be able to wake up early for internships,college and job wise.