Pressures of The Mic

Leonardo Turrado

The sound of students yelling “PMA!” revolve all around the emcee, a master of ceremonies, hyping up the masses. With that being said, the emcees may have felt  some pressure to make this homecoming special for people who are there which including, faculty, students, and even janitors- in other words, everyone.

With the energy of the students at an all time high during homecoming week, it is the emcee of the pep rally’s job to bring it all out.

“The pep rally is to energize the students and if the students aren’t entertained then you feel disappointed in yourself for not doing what you were supposed to,” said Senior Andres Palomar,  one of the emcees.

In the days leading up to the pep rally, many considered how last year’s was and no one wants to have the same pep rally every year. Students desire to have the next pep rally twice as energetic as the one before. When students reminisce on something fun, they wish it would happen again and the emcees of the pep rally are aware of the thought process some students can have.

For freshmen, it was their first homecoming week and anyone who was in control of events during homecoming week wanted to make an amazing impression on the newcomers.

“I expect the pep rally to be filled with plenty of energy and people yelling, just having a good time with the people they see everyday,” said Junior Daisy Bucio.

The emcees  of this year’s  homecoming week included Palomar, junior Matthew Wilbourn and senior Antiara Newman. With all three of the emcees  having been to at least three pep rallies, they knew what had to be done  and what could work for all the students; but all someone had to say to make them second-guess themselves was “last year’s rep rally was so fun.”

With high expectations came even more added pressure for the people who were supposed to make this homecoming better than the last. Yes, it is the job of the emcees to make the pep rally attendants become filled with energy but putting all the responsibility on emcees is unfair.

Some people expected the pep rally to be enjoyable only because of the emcees but without participation of the students, the chants and yells of emcees will be useless.  

By the time of  the day of the pep rally, the emcees  had practiced their chants and motions in the mirror and had imagined the crowd chanting along with them and having the time of their lives. The emcees  had prepared for the pep rally and all they had to do when it came  was remember to have fun with the students.