Journalism Benefits

Christian Gutierrez


Phoenix Military Academy takes advantage of the different types of courses they put in their school, and one of those courses includes journalism. The class is taught by Ms. Katie Comeford and she offers both honors and regulars classes to her students. It has progressed a lot over the years and is now a class that she takes pride in.

When Ms. Comeford first arrived to Phoenix, she noticed that there was no yearbook committee to make a school yearbook. This then encouraged her to become the teacher of journalism, and now, has five years of teaching the class.

“ I thought it was very odd that there was no yearbook and I thought the students were missing out on so many opportunities,“ said Ms. Comeford.

Ms. Comeford now has a group of a kids in journalism that win awards within the city. Her influence on the kids has made them want to pursue a career in journalism. She realizes that many students that take and have taken the class have the potential to be very good writers, as show by all their awards they have won over the years.

“ Journalism has progressed immensely over the years because the pictures have gotten better and so has the writing. All our awards that we have won over the years should show how hard we work to be the best, “ said Ms. Comeford.

Now she hopes that they can build on their success and hope to win many more awards for the next few years. In order for that to happen, they will have to get students who are dedicated to enhance their school’s reputation.