Homecoming, Nay or Yay?

Ryan Sanchez

Homecoming at Phoenix Military Academy is a time where students should have fun, be excited, represent their school, do different activities, and most importantly, dress out of uniform! Homecoming happens only once and that is at the beginning of the school year. All sorts of events happen- games, parties, and a pep rally!

Sophomore Cynthia Rosales enjoyed homecoming but also disliked somethings.

“I really enjoyed homecoming. It was fun. Especially out of uniform, that’s the best part,” said Rosales.

Most of the students would agree with Rosales, out of uniform was the best part of homecoming. Homecoming is the only time of the year where students will be able to dress out of uniform for more than one day of the week.

“People express themselves through their clothes, and it’s fun to see what they look like and how it reflects who they are,” said Rosales.

Homecoming had lots of activities, such as the homecoming sporting events. Each sport that plays during homecoming had a homecoming game and students cheered the athletes on for victory.

“I’m a volleyball player and we had a homecoming Game. We never had that much of our students come to cheer us on and we won!” Said Rosales.

Some students may disagree with some of the day’s planned for homecoming and some will agree on the schedule.

“I would of changed throwback day to sport jersey day. That would of been way easier and fun,” said Rosales.