Flash Mob

Daniel Salgado


Phoenix seniors Kayme Antonio, Jerry Limon, and Vianey Dominguez made a dance club. Members of the club included seniors Angel Aguirre, Felipe Sosa, Lewis Ramos, Jimmy Bellido, Yajari Popoca, Madeline Moreno, Taylar Tramil, and more. They created a dance routine for the songs “Treasure” and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

“I love both of these songs so dancing along to them was fun. I also appreciated the extra credit that SFC Walker gave us for participating,” said Aguirre.

The students were required to learn several dance routines in less than a week. On top of that some students were unavailable for the scheduled practices so they were left behind. There were other reasons why learning the dance routine was difficult.

“ It was a hard to keep up since everyone learned at a different pace. We had to slow down for some people while others were complaining that we were moving too slow,” said Moreno.

There were many activities happening during the homecoming week, but the flash mob was meant to be a surprise dance. However, the dance was performed a couple minutes before school ended. Regardless, the members seemed excited and happy that they got a chance to perform the dance.

“Even though our dance was pretty short I still loved every second of it. I liked how every member of the flash mob group was motivated and determined to perform,” said Aguirre.