There Goes Chicago Scholars!

Jose Guel

On Tuesday October 27th, six students from Phoenix Military Academy went to Navy Pier to be interviewed by many colleges.

The things that the students did before hand was to do research on the colleges they choose in August then submit their applications on October 1st.  Also, the students practiced interview questions that the admission counselors may ask with their mentors from Chicago Scholars.

“Before the Chicago Scholars onsite, I practiced interview questions with my mentor on the phone. She pretended like she was an admission officer and asked me common like questions to what actual admission officials do. I also made sure I researched every school that I applied to. I wanted to have enough info  on each school before the actual interview,” said senior Ashley Ochoa.

Some of them were nervous.

“I was nervous because these interviews were my first interviews with an admission counselor and it played a role in my acceptance to their university,” said senior Danny Arguelles.

Other candidates felt confident.

“The reason why I wasn’t nervous is because the colleges were just going to interview me. I have participated in plenty of interviews therefore talking to someone formally wasn’t an issue. Also, no college was giving rejections so there was nothing negative to worry about,” said senior Jacqueline Contreras.

The students applied to at least six colleges and each interview lasted fifteen minutes. The time that the interviews happen can vary from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The colleges that were they were University of Iowa, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Northern Illinois University (NIU), University of Wisconsin Madison and Loyola University. Some got accepted to the college of their choice, some didn’t but now they know which colleges they could go to.

“Although I am still I undecided about where I want to go, I will most likely end up choosing one of the four schools that already accepted me. I applied to those schools knowing that if I was offered admission I would not have a problem attending,” said senior Maria Ocampo.