A Slight Turn of Events

Jaylin Lara

Halloween falls on October 31st, where people are allowed to dress differently from other days. People, such as Juniors Jeidy Garcia and Mayra Aguilar engage in this holiday, although previous occurrences alter their perspectives.

“I may go out trick-or-treating, but I may stay home instead to do homework,” said Garcia.

Garcia believes that more dangers arise on Halloween due to many people who go trick-or-treating. The amount of people who participate may create large crowds that can easily be targeted.

“People become unrecognizable due to their costumes, so the night becomes more frightening — usually not in an unexpected manner,” said Garcia.

Aguilar believes that everyone should enjoy Halloween, as she does. However, she still has doubts with regards to safety.

“My mom always checks mine and my sister’s candy when we go trick-or-treating, and she throws out the open ones. We have to keep the sealed ones,” said Aguilar.

Aguilar’s plans don’t change due to the possible dangers, but her view on this holiday does.

“I’ve experienced a gang shooting near my neighborhood, but it does not stop me from enjoying the night,” said Aguilar.

Although possible dangers may occur, people still carry on with their plans.