The Athletes Homecoming

Kimberly Huerta

The most important week for athletes like football players, soccer players, and volleyball players was homecoming week. They got ready for the pep rally and their celebration.

Soccer was one of the fall sports that was  recognized during the pep rally. Another important sport that was also recognized during this week was football.

“I play soccer and have been playing varsity since freshman year,” said senior Andres Palomar.

Palomar mentioned that  he liked being a PMA athlete and felt recognized in his sport because he was a backup captain. Although the pep rally should be a very fun part of his week, he thought otherwise.

“I feel that this year’s pep rally could have been better because I felt that the crowd did not participate as much as the previous years,” said Palomar.

Senior Rickie Ghoston a football player talked about the way he felt about this week and the sport he played.

“I feel like this year’s sports teams are very good,” said Ghoston.

He mentioned that during his football season he was able to play a decent amount of time. That made him satisfied with playing this sport and enjoyed being a PMA athlete.