Spirit Week and the Uniform

Gladis Martinez

The most cheerful week at the beginning of the year is spirit week and the homecoming dance. Students look forward to spirit week, and the dance as well. During spirit week students  can expect to come out of uniform and have fun throughout the week. However,  there are students  who do not participate at all.Instead they decide to stay in their uniform for the week.

A  majority of seniors participated in spirit week, but there were some that did not participate at all. Senior Jose Guel did not participate in spirit week. It was his last year, but he refused to participate.

“ The reason I did not participate in spirit week is because I found it unnecessary to do so. It doesn’t mean I don’t like spirit week but would rather wear my uniform,” said Guel.

Some believe people who do not participate bring down the spirit throughout the week.

“ It brings down my spirit because it shows that they are not excited about our school event,” said junior Gregory Boyle.

At times the theme could be the problem, either it is too simple or too extravagant. For this year and last year the themed days were almost the same. Last year it was Grease and this year it was Motown. When the students dressed for throwback Thursday, they dressed like in the movie Grease with leather jackets, jeans, and high socks.

“I like all the themes but I didn’t feel like dressing up,”said Guel

Teachers also pump up spirit week since some do participate in dress up days such as twin day and other days. Although, the Sergeants usually do not participate at all. However the only day they did participated in is twin day since they were all dressed in the same uniform.

Well we did participate…in our own way. We were soldiers,” said SFC Walker.

Even though Phoenix is a military school, students still have the desire to have fun. Most  want to get out of uniform once in awhile and take advantage of it because there might not be opportunities like these again.

It doesn’t hurt to have the students out of uniform sometimes. It lets them relax and most importantly gives them a chance to clean their uniforms,” said SFC Walker.

Overall spirit week was a success although some did not participate, students still enjoyed it, especially seniors.