Meet Ms. Bellus

Taylar Tramil

For this school year there are three new teachers in the PMA family. Ms. Bellus arrived at Phoenix Military Academy this summer, helping Mr.Carroll teach Geometry to the Prepster students, where she was able to establish herself. This year Ms.Bellus will be teaching Geometry, Advanced Algebra and Precalculus, where she teaches the sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Ms.Bellus began her journey to becoming a math teacher, at UIC where she earned a degree in Teaching Mathematics.

“I decided to become a teacher when I was in college. I had two amazing math professors during my first two years of college, and because of them, I fell in love with math. After I realized how important having a good teacher was, I decided that I wanted to become one myself,” said Ms.Bellus .

Before teaching at Phoenix, last year Ms. Bellus taught at Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy. With Ms. Bellus as a new teacher at Phoenix, there are many different experiences that she has had with schools previous to Phoenix.

“IHSCA is a very new school, so it doesn’t really have as many traditions or activities in place as Phoenix does. I like that Phoenix has many different extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Another big difference is the schedules of the two schools. IHSCA has students take math every day for 80 minutes, which I really enjoyed,” said Ms. Bellus.

Ms.Bellus has one principal goal this year, which is, to become more familiar with everything that happens at PMA and to see good growth on her students’ test scores.