Getting Into Homecoming Spirit

Octavio Sanchez

At Phoenix Military Academy there is always a time to be relaxed and a time to be standing tall and proud. The time to be chill is here, it is called Homecoming week. Homecoming is such a good week for most of the PMA students.

“This week is going to be enjoyable because we don’t have to wear our uniforms this week,” said Freshman Nadia Sanchez.

Although Phoenix is known for their JROTC pride they also want to show how we can be like every other high school.

“I think that this year’s homecoming was a lot better than last years,” said Sophomore Shantia Boyle.

Every year PMA is trying to improve how the students experience their first or last homecoming as a highschool student.

“I really do not look forward to the dance because the dances are boring and most of the people just stand there talking to there friends,” said Senior Jose Guel.

The students are the ones in charge of making sure that there is enjoyment in this week.

The school mascot was more into spirit week. He was pumped up and cheering everyone one and he danced. Compared to last years when the mascot didn’t do much,” said Junior Mayra Barrios.

Although there were numerous of students that did not go to the dance they still looked forward for it.

I was looking forward to the dance, especially since I didn’t attend to the previous ones, however I remembered that I was antisocial and didn’t want to go anymore,” said Junior Alejandra Olaguez.

And on the other hand there are other students not excited because they are not attending.

I’m not so exited for the homecoming dance due to the fact that I’m not attending,” said Sanchez.

At the end of the week we can all agree that the feeling around PMA during homecoming is relaxing compared to the rest of the year.