Chicago Cubs Get a New Look


Eduardo Brito

On November 5, 2015 the Chicago Cubs have officially announced a new look for their 2016 uniforms in honor to celebrate their 100th year playing at Wrigley Field.

Chicago being one of the top cities with rivalry sport teams, has had a great baseball season this year. Unfortunately, the Cubs were unable to reach the World Series but still had a very successful season.

The logo features a version of the team’s 1916 logo in modern colors.

With this major throwback , it is being decided whether this will effect the fans opinion towards the team because of its “out dated” look.

“Considering that this is a huge milestone for the Cubs, I highly doubt that people will hate the new look. If you are a real Cubs fan, then this would not change your view towards the team” said senior Xavier Martinez.

With the Cubs slowly rising every year, their 2016 season is highly capable of being more successful due to their 100th anniversary. Having the logo during next year season will not only be memorable , but may work as a goodluck charm due to their last World Series win in 1908.

“The Cubs have a good future ahead of them and are on their way to success next year” said Martinez.

With the Cubs having a pretty successful season this year, the team has plans to celebrate their 100th anniversary at Wrigley Field next season.