Homecoming Ticket Cost

Jeidy Garcia

Homecoming week is an annual event where everyone gathers together at PMA. Senior  Raianna Matchem (S5) is in charge of homecoming and other events. Matchem and the staff consult the cost for homecoming ticket, and the cost has been contentious over the previous years.

Juniors Mayra Aguilar and Jaylin Lara have different perspectives based on the homecoming ticket cost.

“I think the price of the homecoming is too expensive,” said Lara.

On the other hand, Aguilar thinks the homecoming tickets are not expensive.

“The homecoming dance ticket cost is not that expensive.” said Aguilar.

Aguilar thinks a good price for the ticket could have been ten dollars.

“The homecoming ticket should. have been ten dollars because more people would have attend and wouldn’t mind paying ten dollars,” said Aguilar.

Lara thinks that some students could afford the 12 or the 15at the door but others cannot.

“I think some students could afford the price of the ticket but some couldn’t,” said Lara

On the other side, Aguilar thinks is not fair that tickets are more expensive at the door.

“I think is not fair that the tickets are 15 dollars at the door and 12 dollars in advance, they should it have been the same price at the door,” said Aguilar.

Lara also thinks that the homecoming tickets are less expensive than the military ball tickets because military ball is in a hall.

“Military ball is more expensive probably because it is in a hall and there’s a

banquet,” said Lara.

Aguilar thinks it is not worth paying 12 or 15 dollars for the homecoming dance.

“Well some people think it’s worth paying that price because they want to have fun.

However, I feel I can go out and buy food or something with the same amount of money,” said Aguilar.

Lara believes that she would not attend the homecoming dance .

“I wouldn’t attend to the homecoming dance because I think with that money that I could go out and buy food,” said Lara.

If there were no drinks and food Aguilar thinks she wouldn’t go to the dance.

“I wouldn’t go because, what if I’m hungry. Also, what if I’m thirsty while dancing and there’s no drinks and food; that’s just a rip off? What’s the whole point of paying for a homecoming dance ticket when there’s no drinks and food,” said Aguilar.