Tug of War

Erik Nava

The tug of war has been Phoenix tradition for quite a long time every year during homecoming year. As the tradition continues, the competition between grade levels is what makes the competition exciting.

The tug of war should be a clear win since whoever pulls the rope first as well as the most is the one who wins. However, there seemed to be a disagreement on who won between the juniors and the seniors since they were the last match. Junior instructor 1Sgt. Powell seemed to be affected the most after there was a rematch, since juniors had already won the first competition.

“We wanted to do it again because the juniors wanted to do it again. But the seniors were cheating,” said 1Sgt. Powell.
The juniors seemed to be mad at the fact that they were thought as cheaters, but more upset at the fact that in the second and third match, the seniors won the tug of war.

The morning was windy and a bit cold, but to 1Sgt. Powell “They were acting like bumblebees, they were all hyper it didn’t seem to affect them,” said Powell.

Sgt. Walker, the senior instructor, was also in disagreement that the juniors thought that they had won the tug of war. He was one of the first ones that wanted to get a rematch due to the loud noise from the rest of the spectators- the students.

“The seniors had the match won. They were the ones who won the tug of war in their junior year against the seniors from last year,” said Sgt. Walker. The seniors had asked for a rematch since the loud noise made the confusion. The juniors had pulled the rope without any word from the person leading it.

The last two matches were basically what answered who actually won the tug of war. The seniors, once again took the victory in the tug of war event during the homecoming activities.