Success In Spirit

Shameria Jones

From October 13th-16th has been one of the most active, but also creative weeks throughout Phoenix Military Academy’s school year. With the help of the S-5 and the homecoming committee, Phoenix’s homecoming dance was one of the biggest success, especially fundraising for the Seniors.

“ Honestly, this homecoming dance was way better than the last,” said junior Eduardo Macedonio. A majority of the students seemed to show a lot of their pride during spirit week, but no one seemed to look at the heavy labor that the volunteers and instructors had to go through when preparing. The pressure of running around at the last minute and trying to get student volunteers to decorate the school was a heavy load for Phoenix’s librarian Ms. Tobias, who dedicated most of her time to make this year an accomplishment.

“ I think that homecoming from freshman year compared to my sophomore year hasn’t been the same. Therefore I’m not convinced that this year’s will be better,”  said Macedonio.

Over the last three  years many students made complaints about the homecoming theme and the way the Homecoming committee set up the dance. Music was also a problem to many students that attended every dance, yet  they attended every dance faithfully and supported their school.

“Sometimes it can be unfair, but at this year’s homecoming the music was shared fairly,” said junior Joshlynn Murphy.

Many students felt that the homecoming music was unfair and it could’ve been shared equally upon everyone.

“I think that the music isn’t a problem.I actually think that the music is somewhat decent,” said Macedonio.

Most students disagreed and actually felt the music was appropriate for the Homecoming dance, due to the fact, that they love all genres of music.  

“ At Homecoming, the DJ should play trap music, hip-hop, bachata, tamborazo, reggaeton, house music, and dance. The music can be a little better, but as long as I can dance to it I have no problem at all. I’ve actually had a pretty enjoyable time with the Homecoming music,” said junior Samuel Ferguson.

Overall, Homecoming was something that engaged students and showed their highest level of spirit in school. It gave students a way to have a say in what they felt other students would enjoy appropriately in school.