No People Equals No Fun

Diana Aguilar

High school students believe that the homecoming game is important to the school, however some students also look forward to the homecoming dance as well. At Phoenix Military Academy, the homecoming dance is an event where students are welcomed to have fun with their friends and classmates. However, not everyone was completely satisfied due to the different tastes and interests of the various cultures here at PMA.

Juniors Joshlynn Murphy and Samuel Ferguson are both African-American and have their own opinion on how their homecoming dance experience was.

“Normally it’s mixed up since our school is diverse and since the majority are Hispanics they play more of their music,” Murphy said. “Not everyone eats the food they serve at homecoming because they aren’t use to eating it at home or buying it.

She believed that the homecoming committee should have a variety of food choices. Also that they should consider opinions from the student body committee  and be able to work off of what they are given.

“ Some people just dance in partners, by themselves, or in groups. Certain people don’t know everyone so they just dance with the people they know or are comfortable with,” Murphy said.

However, there are students such as Ferguson who have a care-free attitude and will  have fun no matter what kind of music or how many people attend.

“There are different genres of music that are played such as bachata, tamborazo, hip-hop or trap music. However it’s interchangeable. They mix it up and switch it so everyone can dance,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson also believes that since not a lot of Hispanics dance to hip-hop or not a lot of African Americans dance to bachata, there’s always some people who are sitting down and some who are dancing.  Cultural diversity affects the environment of the dance since different races are comfortable dancing their own music. Diverse schools, such as PMA, are mixing up the music to please everyone’s needs so everyone can have a good time.unnamed