Chomping Away Against the Cheater

Juan Romo

As Phoenix Military Academy had its yearly food eating contest, this year led to different results. This year’s food eating competition, involving four competitors and a cheating teacher, took place at the pep rally Friday, the 16th of October, in the gym.

“He cheated twice. He had the head start and he put slices in his pocket. I know he wasn’t serious about the competition,” said senior Anthony Labrado.

Mr. Waller seemed unprepared for the competition and needed a way to get an advantage among the other contestants. One of the contestants was unaware of what Waller was doing and was just ready to compete.

“I was at first confused cause I had no idea what had happened then I realized he had cheated by stuffing pizza in his hoodie but I didn’t feel like cheating too,” said sophomore Kenny Mercado.

The four other contestants were two freshman, one sophomore, and a senior. The winner of the competition was a freshman, who took an approach that angered some other competitors.

“It felt horrible, especially since I found out he didn’t eat the crust, so he cheated,” said Labrado.

Labrado will not have any more chances to compete since he is a senior now. He made a great attempt, but not well enough.

“It felt good. I was hungry and it was a good way to help to quench my hunger. That, and I was determined to get my victory after freshmen year,” said Labrado.

  As for Mercado, he still had two more opportunities to compete in, hopefully, a scandal free competition. He has developed a strategy for next year and it seems well enough to allow him to win.

“I do plan to compete next year. I will train by drinking a lot of water and chew a lot of gum to help with how much I can eat and how fast I chew,” said Mercado.