A Club Of Our Own

Starie Brown

Last friday was the first official sisterhood meeting of the year at Phoenix Military Academy, Sisterhood is a place where girls can come together to solve problems and support one another by during group activities.


“ I am apart of the sisterhood leadership team, my job is to hand out quotes,” said Senior Gladis Martinez.


This year Ms.Comeford and seniors will be on the leadership team this year.


“I have been in the program since my sophomore year, so I wanted to be on the leadership team to guide the younger girls,” said Martinez.

Sisterhood serves only one purpose, that is to unite women as one. The leadership team will guide each girl in the right direction.


“The leadership program is about women coming together to help each other in anyway we can,” said Martinez.


Girls have different reasons on why they chose to join the sisterhood. However most girls join the sisterhood to release some stress from problems at home.


“I joined sisterhood because it’s a good community to express what you have to say without feeling like you’re going to be judged, I have been in sisterhood for four years,” said Senior Yajari Popoca.


Even the teachers here at Phoenix support the sisterhood and its mission.

“I joined because I have been a part of Sisterhood for 7 years now and love what it is about,” said Ms. Comeford.

The sisterhood is improving and developing young girls into mature young women.


“It is important to me because I have seen girls transform into strong young women because of Sisterhood. I think it is important to provide support for young women so they can reach their full potential,” said Ms. Comeford.