Are Teachers For or Against Homecoming Week?

Daisy Bucio

Recently, it was homecoming week at Phoenix Military Academy, and Mrs. Raygoza and Ms. Hickman gave their opinion about homecoming in general. Homecoming week has been a tradition for many years in high schools, and students always look forward to this event. However, never take into consideration what the teachers opinions are on homecoming week.

Homecoming week is a week when every student in the high school is able to participate in the theme activities and share school spirit. However, not all teachers believe that every student should be able to participate.

“I do not believe that all should be able to participate. Students have very simple rules to follow here at Phoenix.Therefore, if these rules are often broken; then, I do not believe that those who disobey the rules should be allowed to attend,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

Although both teachers agree that homecoming week is a positive way for students to share their school and team spirit, they also believe that homecoming week effects their schedules. They have to put their lesson plans on hold because of this whole week.

“Homecoming week does affect my classes because of the school wide events; as a teacher I get it and I do understand that it’s homecoming which should hold special significance. I know that I have to be flexible, so I schedule make-up days and I give students supplemental material that other classes may not receive.  There are some cases where in which I have to play catch up for some of my classes, but then that is when I decide who will and won’t receive certain assignments,” said Ms. Hickman.

Mrs. Raygoza and Ms. Hickman understand the significance of homecoming week for students. They even enjoy it themselves, and are quite impressed with the themes and activities that the homecoming committee has come up with.

“I was very impressed with our students dress code for the homecoming dance. Majority of our boys had bow ties and were dressed casually. The girls looked amazingly beautiful as well. It was a great combination,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

Having the pep rally at the end of the week and at the end of the period was great combination according to Ms. Hickman. This was one of the days that she enjoyed the most this year.

“I enjoy the pep rally being placed at the end of the day instead of during the middle of the day as in previous years. I enjoy Mr. Edwards’ attire and the gibberish that he spews on those days and Mr. Waller’s attempt to hide pizza in every crevice of his clothing,” said Ms. Hickman.

Homecoming week was a very fun week, and it reminds the students and teachers of their school spirit.