The Try-outs begin

Firebirds Wrestling Begins once again


and Rickie Ghoston

On the week of October 21 in the small gym, PMA had a tryout for any boys or girls that wished to wrestle.

This year’s Wrestling try outs are very different than any other sport tryouts. The only way to make the team is to simply get past conditioning.

It sounds pretty easy, but many of the people that went to conditioning said that it was one of the hardest work outs they ever had to endure.

“The tryouts are regularly hard. We try to work the new guys out to where they can see that it is an intense sport that requires a lot of conditioning. I think that everyone worked hard and proved that they wanted to be on the team. Conditioning was every school day from 3:30-5:00” said Anthony Labrado, the senior captain on the team.

This is a very intense sport that requires a lot of rigorous work outs. The workouts consist of , 25 pushups, 25 jumping jacks, 25 mountain climbers, and 25 squat thrusts, with sprints in between each exercise..

I’ve been on the wrestling team since freshman year and there’s no reason for me to not join this year. The thing I enjoy the most is how the wrestling team is like a second family, you create a bond with people and the matches and weekend tournaments are always exciting” said senior Yajari Popoca.

The Wrestling team believes they could go very far this season, but the only way that could happen is if they keep working hard.

“I believe we can [have a good season]. We have the heart and will, as well as experience from former wrestlers. I see a lot of us going to tournaments and getting in the top three” said Labrado.