Spanish Fiesta

Erik Bernabe

On October 13, 2015 the Spanish teachers at Phoenix Military Academy had their annual Spanish Fiesta to celebrate Hispanic heritage month. The Spanish fiesta is a party that celebrates Hispanic heritage month from September 15 till october 15. Hispanic heritage month allows different countries to celebrate their culture and their freedom after being liberated from Spain. Students at Phoenix Military Academy made pinatas during school, created a dance routine, and supplied food for the event.

  “I was amazed with the contribution from the student’s, they were able to help out and I am proud of that,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

Mrs. Raygoza, Ms. Urquhart and the librarian Ms. Tobias came up with the idea to have a Spanish fiesta to contribute to Hispanic heritage month.

“The Spanish fiesta was outstanding, the music, food, and the smiles from every student who attended made the fiesta special, ” said Ms. Raygoza.

This year the fiesta was held during Homecoming week which was a perfect time to throw a party.

“We decided to have the Spanish fiesta during Homecoming because we didn’t want to cause a lot of trouble, and the students were out of uniform so it made it better, “ said Ms. Raygoza

With the Spanish fiesta being mostly for the students, they were happy with the turnout of the party.

“I wish there were more girls to dance with, ” said Junior Alfredo Garcia.

Garcia was able to have a great time during the fiesta by being able to show his dance moves, take selfies and eat plenty of food.  

Not only did the fiesta provide food  but also live music to dance. The tamborazo was the highlight of the fiesta making everyone dance.

“The tamborazo was my favorite I got to dance and my footwork was on point,” said Garcia.

For the student there was no better way to end Hispanic heritage month than having the Spanish fiesta.