Phoenix’s College Fair


Joshlynn Murphy



On the 26th of October a college fair took place at Phoenix Military Academy, for Phoenix’s students to attend to get a chance to communicate with different college representatives. This event was required for all students to attend in order to get an experience of applying for colleges.


Students and teachers all had different experiences during the college fair.


“ I felt there was a variety of good options and I appreciate what the counselors did,” said junior Gregory Boyle.


Different colleges from all over the country were at the college fair, but the majority of them were from Illinois.


There were schools from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana and etc.


“ It was a pleasant experience, there were Illinois colleges representing. I love it! It helped plan ideas for students for the future,” said 1Sgt. Powell.


During the college fair, students found certain colleges very interesting due to their background on the school.


“I found schools such as SIU, Lewis University, and Northern Michigan interesting because they are willing to recruit me for basketball. It is possible for me to get a scholarship by these schools for basketball,” said Boyle.


Some of the students and teachers asked if the colleges had a football team and if they did what’s their record and do they have any scholarships within that sport.


Some teachers had talked to students within Phoenix about preparation for college. Giving them encouraging words on how to be successful in life.


1Sgt. Powell is a JROTC Instructor and as a high school student he made some decisions about going to college based on what he wanted to do as a career. He played football and also looked into the Army.


“As a high school student, I looked into the state, where it was going to be located and also the money that was given for their sports scholarship.” said 1Sgt. Powell.  

Phoenix looks forward for the students to go for the best, go for colleges that are willing to pay student to attend colleges and how joining the army can also help students get into colleges easier.