Motown Dress Down

Elizabeth PAtino

This year, Phoenix Military Academy’s homecoming theme was Motown which correlated the decades of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Homecoming week began on Tuesday, right after the Columbus Day holiday. On Tuesday, it was Twin Day, on Wednesday, Marvel/DC vs. Disney, on Thursday, Throwback Day, and on Friday, Just Wear Red Day.

Students prepared for the events the previous week and decided what they were going to wear for each day. Senior Kaymee Antonio was excited for spirit week and personally did not have difficulty finding the clothes for each day like other students did.

However, Antonio did not have difficulty finding her clothes because most of it she had in her closet or she went to purchase at Walmart.

What Antonio did have difficulty with was deciding what to wear with other people for Twin Day.

“I would say the most hardest day from spirit week was Twin Day, because it’s not just based on what you like and what you want to wear, but it’s also based on what everyone else likes and want to wear as well,” said Antonio.

Therefore, it may be hard finding clothes for other students, but to Antonio the hardest part was collaborating with others and trying to find the right outfit for all of her peers.

“For twin day, it’s truly a team effort to agree and create compromises on clothing choices,” said Antonio.

Lastly, Antonio’s favorite day was Throwback Day because she was able to lay out her clothes and decide what to wear based on just looking at her closet and dressed as a hippie/gypsy from 1960’s.

In the end, like many other students, Antonio had hoped there were more days that were tied into the overall theme of spirit week.

“The theme of the whole week/homecoming I think didn’t really match with the themes for the specific days, but they were still fun,” said Antonio.

Although spirit week was not everything she hoped for, she still had a good time dressing up and being able to be a part of her last homecoming week.