Homecoming Volleyball Comes to Triumph


Starie Brown and

Phoenix Military Academy  girls volleyball team played against hope academy for the homecoming game in hopes of beating a competitive school during homecoming week.

“I have been playing volleyball since sixth grade, this was my first year playing at Phoenix . I joined the team because I love volleyball,” said freshman Destiny Ortega.

The junior varsity volleyball team had their homecoming game against Hope Academy.

“This homecoming game was important to me because Hope academy was a difficult school to beat and the fact that we won made me feel good,” said Ortega.

Freshman Brianna Quezada has been playing volleyball since the sixth grade.

“I played harder in this year’s homecoming game since it was the last game of the season, It was really important for the whole team,” said Quezada.

In order to successfully win their homecoming game the junior varsity girls had to practice extra and focus harder to accomplish their goal of winning against Hope Academy.“We had two intense practices and really took them seriously,” said Ortega.

The girls used strategies to communicate with each other during the game in order to win like calling the ball and helping each other out.

“During the game we would call the ball and call for help if we needed it,”said Quezada.

The girls were very happy about their successful win.

“We were excited that we had won the homecoming game against a highly competitive and difficult team to beat,” said Ortega.

Some players will even sign up for volleyball next year.

“I will join the team my sophomore year as well,” said Quezada.