Firebird’s Basketball on the Come-up


and Gregory Boyle

Phoenix Military boys basketball team is at it again. Tryouts were held Wednesday-Thursday from 3-6. They recently had tryouts and wish to accomplish things they didn’t accomplish last year. The phoenix boys basketball team is ready for the upcoming season.

The team wants to win the green this year which is the lowest level of play and move up in conference this year. senior Rickie Ghoston and junior Jamell Gooden were both on the team and believe the team will win state this year because of the new team.

“Tryouts went great because the coaches got to see some new talent,” Said junior Jamell Gooden.

There were approximately 25 students at the tryouts hoping to make the team and putting their hard work in, while sweating into the mini games that were being played.

“The coaches had everyone doing rebounding drills, and we had 5 on 5’s to see how we would play against each other,” said Gooden

The coaching staff is different this year and had the kids doing difficult drills to enhance their abilities on the court. There were mostly freshmen who tried out and the people who were on the team last year.

“ They were very good and skilled, surprisingly.” said senior Rickie Ghoston.

The upperclassmen and the coaches are working hard to get the freshmen ready for the season and state.

“Our coaching staff is great, the workouts we do actually work,” said Ghoston.

The boys basketball team has a whole new squad with great freshmen and wishes to proceed their journey to state with their new coaching staff.