Decline in Homecoming Productivity

Karael Eubanks

During homecoming there was a drastic decline in volunteers for decorations than previous years; the lack of volunteers led to rushed and incomplete decorations, and the cadet staff was furious because it caused them to work much harder, while they had to deal with other problems.

“We had so much to do with not enough time to do it, so we were really looking forward to the extra help,” said Command Sergeant Major Lakya Foster.

The same teachers usually help with homecoming every year and they noticed a difference in the productivity this year. They weren’t as mad as the students because they felt like they were only trying to contribute to help out.

“I would’ve liked to see more creative decorations, and I would’ve helped with that but everything was rushed and unorganized,” said Mr. McElgunn.

Although the decorations were not up to par, the activities and the dance itself, really made students feel the school spirit.

“The decorations wasn’t how I imagined, but once we had the pep rally and homecoming dance, I was excited to see what’s in store for my next three years,” said freshman Jada Honorable.

So, regardless of the sub par decorations, homecoming was not a complete failure. Students have complained about the decorations so hopefully that will inspire them to volunteer next year.