Was Homecoming Really Worth It?


Esmeralda Martinez

As the homecoming week ended, the final night of homecoming summed it all up. At Phoenix Military Academy students were ready to dance and let loose at the annual homecoming dance, but it wasn’t as they expected it to be.

The prep rally was rushed and there was not enough time for the ending. Students left by the time the second bell rang, which caused the senior flash mob to cut off.

When it was time for the homecoming dance on Friday night, not a lot of people were happy or satisfied when they left the dance.

“I liked it, some songs cut off a bit too early though,” said senior Ivonna Leslie.

Every year there is the same problem. The songs cut off too early or genres changed too fast. It did not give the students enough time to enjoy what was being played.  

The music wasn’t the only thing that was troubling for cadets. Food became something to worry about and also the way it was managed.

“There was only 3-4 boxes of desserts, there should’ve been more options and the ticket system was a drag,” said senior Joselyn Lopez-Vasquez.

Students said the supply of fries, chicken and soda ran out too soon, which left dancers hungry whenever they took a break to refresh themselves.

Instead of students being able to get their food right away, there was a ticket system that made the students wait even longer. Students would only get two tickets- one for water and one for food.

Some of the students lost their tickets which made it impossible for them to get something to eat and drink. Others whom already used their tickets, were not able to go for seconds.

Above all, for the students who went to homecoming didn’t leave satisfied.