The Temptation of Doing Work

The Temptation of Doing Work

Stephani Lopez

What do Sparkle, The Temptations, and Dreamgirls have in common? That’s right they’re all popular Motown themed movies. Phoenix watched The Temptations on Thursday during Homecoming; there were mixed feelings from students and teachers.

Many people believed that this was a fun time to blow off some steam and have some much needed fun with friends after stressing over progress reports. However, others thought the opposite.

“No, I wasn’t excited to watch the movie on Thursday because I think it’s a waste of time,” said senior Mayra Deleon. “I would have loved to work on college apps. The extra- time could have been really helpful especially for the students who are involved in extracurricular actives and do not have much time to work on their apps at home.”

Seniors have to complete three  applications in order to gain another graduation ticket by the end of October. Yes, having fun is important, but according to Sergeant Walker only about a quarter of the senior class has three applications done. This begs the question of, “Are we falling behind?”

According to Mr. Carroll, Advance Placement (AP) Statistic, Trigonometry, and Environmental Science teacher, one class period is okay to miss.

“It was a fun movie and we should have fun once in awhile,” said Carroll.

To be clear, he does have a seventh period trigonometry class, and he did admit to the loss of instructional time. Mr. Carroll also mentioned that it was a regular class as opposed to an AP class.

Mr. Carroll commented that if it had been an AP class that he would have been a bit more panicked.

“But students should know by now that they need to catch up on their AP classes on their own,”said Carroll.  

Both Deleon and Mr. Carroll agree on one thing, however. Students should have had the option to go to the movies or have a study area for those who want to catch up on work.

Homecoming is a time for fun, and yes, often times classes do get deterred, however, students should be able to get back on track.