Homecoming Perspective

Jamell Gooden

Many students love the idea of having a spirit week with the Spirit days of Twin Day, Throwback Thursday, Disney vs Marvel, and Red Day.  

“I liked them and I personally got a chance to pick out one of the days which was Disney vs Marvel,” said junior Donecia Blount.

Mostly all the students liked each day because it meant different activities for that particular theme.

“They were all okay, but if a few were more simplified it would be more fun,” said junior Brahim Aich.

The school had many activities such as Movie Day, Tug of War and the Pep Rally. A lot of students liked some of the activities and some didn’t.

“I liked the Pep Rally because I got to perform my cheerleading routines,” said Blount.

“It gives us a chance to have fun and to be out of uniform for a week, with the exception of being out of class,” said Aich.

Some students said they would change some things that happened during spirit week such as the themes to have for each day and some activities during the week because it took some of the fun out of it.

“I would only add a Sports Day because majority of the students watch or play some type of sports, so it would have made spirit week a little bit more fun,” said Brahim.