Homecoming Music

On October 16, 2015 there was a Homecoming dance that took place at Phoenix Military Academy. Phoenix plans these dances every year to welcome the incoming students, as well as to recognize the football team.

Some of the PMA students experienced many activities during Homecoming week; such as different music, food, people and etc.

“Sometimes the music gets shared equally from what I’ve heard,” said junior Shameria Jones, “but I can’t really say because I’ve never attended PMA’s Homecoming dance.”  

Most students do not attend the Homecoming dance because they feel as if it’s a waste of time, so they have not experienced what goes on at Homecoming.

A lot of people questioned the music that was being played at the dances. At Phoenix, there are two primary ethnicities, Hispanic and African American. In order to host an enjoyable dance, the DJ must play music that both Hispanics and African Americans can dance to.

“In my opinion I think that the music does get played equally. The DJ usually plays a few songs that African Americans can turn up to and then he plays music that Hispanics can dance to,” said junior Samuel Ferguson.

Others have their own opinion on how the music is being played at homecoming, considering that PMA is a diverse school. PMA’s student body population is majority Hispanics, so people tend to think that the the DJ should only play Hispanic music.

“I wouldn’t say that it’s unfair, but the DJ should consider playing both Hispanic music and music that African Americans enjoy so that everyone can enjoy the Homecoming Dance,” said Ferguson.

People feel as if music is an important part of the Homecoming dance because without music, there will be no entertainment. What’s the purpose of having a dance when there isn’t any music to dance to?

“I think that music is an important part of the Homecoming dance because the fact that without music where would the entertainment begin? Due to the fact we are a very diverse high school it’s a good idea that different variety of genres are being played,” said Jones.