Homecoming Karaoke

Xavier Martinez

During homecoming week there were numerous events that were conducted in order to represent school spirit. One of the events that was supposed to take place during lunch was karaoke.

Everything was organized by the Senior Raianna Matchem; “It went wrong because we had to fill out a ticket answering the 5 W’s for Mr. Surina, but it wasn’t done so no equipment was supplied,” said Matchem.

The event was open to anyone at any time, meaning it was an open mic.

“We will plan it out ahead of time and have people in charge of numerous things like music list and a list of people,” said Matchem in regards to hosting the event again.

It was all meant to be a Motown themed event; most of the songs were going to be from Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, and the Temptations.

Although this event did not work out, the rest of the week seemed like a success. Other events included the tug of war and pep rally activities. All of the technology supplies were supposed to be supplied by the tech crew according to cadet Matchem.

“Tech crew was going to provide the mics and speakers, and there was no prize for those who participated, it was just for fun,”said Matchem.
A karaoke event is still possible throughout the school year, but next time it will be planned out and well organized.