Expressing Tradition

Davlin Smiley

The Phoenix Military homecoming weeks in the past have been positively successful where
students have responded well and engaged well. Spirit week has a special effect because it motivates students and increases the positive atmosphere that leads up to the homecoming dance and game. For Phoenix, the themes of spirit week are really important to the student body.

Though this year’s homecoming themes was a disappointment in the eyes of the student body.

“I felt that I didn’t really feel connected toward the theme since I have no idea what the 1960’s were like,” said senior Alexis Tolentino.

He wished he had other themes such as “ back to the future, the 80’s, or cowboys vs aliens day”

He, along with many other students, feels like it was a bit disconnected with the ‘Motown” day since mostly African Americans can relate to the term ‘motown’, and while the hispanic student population tried, they felt as if they were excluded. Sadly, this seems to be a recurring problem throughout the years but in minor instances. Some, such as student Ivanna Leslie, felt like it was fine and enjoyed the week, but had other issues than the racial connection to the themes.

“Twin day was the worst, because it is hard to find someone someone with similar clothes. It was a struggle to find someone with the outfit and not change it,” said Leslie.

From the reception and participation it was still an outstanding year, but not the best we have had.