A teacher’s view on homecoming

Jose Guel and

Through October 12th  to 16th, Phoenix Military Academy had their Homecoming week and most of the students had fun participating but this makes some wonder if this is distracting kids from their work.  

Some teachers might think Homecoming distracts students. Mr. Waller, An English teacher for the sophomores, juniors, and seniors and teaches AP English Language for the juniors, thinks that no matter what we do kids will always be distracted.

“Kids have always been distracted, whether it was 50 years ago or now, teenagers have always been distracted in the classroom,” said Waller. “Sometimes students are distracted by an issue in their relationship, a conflict with another student, a family problem, or a number of other problems that can take their attention away from their education.  It’s not just technology, smartphones, or the internet distracting students.”

For some it’s another story. Mr. Carroll, an Algebra II teacher for the sophomores,Environmental Science teacher for the seniors, and AP Statistics teacher for the juniors and seniors, thought differently about the issue.

“During homecoming kids are pulled out of class for various performances.  Yes that is distracting,” said Mr Carroll.

Even though Mr. Carroll sees it as distracting, he still helps out in the homecoming dance by collecting tickets. For Mr.Waller, he  has chaperoned the dance several times, dresses up for the pep rally,including dressing up as a clown in the past.

Overall, some teachers may agree that homecoming does distract kids for their work but would still participate in it.