The students view on Spirit Week

Jessie Gutierrez

Homecoming week at Phoenix Military Academy is a week that students get to dress out of uniform and express their school spirit. This year PMA has decided to let the students wear jeans which is special because the past years they did not have that privilege.

“I really liked that they let us us wear jeans this year,” said Senior Stephani Lopez.

Wearing jeans is a privilege because only in some occasions they let students come out of uniform but they have to pay. Many were happy because they did hot have to worry about wearing their regular uniform.

“The only day I liked was Marvel vs DC, The other days were a repeat of what we do every year,” said Lopez.

When asked if she liked the themes for homecoming week Stephani liked all but one.

“There should have been a pajama day, i would have liked to wake up and then go to school,” said Lopez

This year not that many people participated in homecoming committee even though they made announcements in the morning. Teachers noticed different behaviors from students.

“The only problem I saw was that kids would not come to class and get signed out,” said Ms. Comeford.

Students were involved in many activities during homecoming, and they would miss classes. Teachers were frustrated because they did not know whether the students were absent or helping out with school activities.