Spirit Week: Movie day!

Jasmin Escojido

Senior Raianna Matchem has been a student at Phoenix Military Academy for four years now. She is a part of staff this year that makes her stand out. Her plan was to watch a movie on Thursday October 15, 2015 to demonstrate the students what it was like in the 1960’s.

“The people involved in the homecoming committee helped me come out with the theme, based on the votes and interests of the people in the meeting we ended up choosing a movie to show the school that would best interest them,” said Matchem.

The reason the homecoming ended up with the movie was to go with the spirit week theme that was Motown. People were supposed to dress as something similar to back in the day. The movie showed how African Americans used to dress and what they believed in. They chose this movie because the people in the committee were familiar with this movie.

“We chose this movie because the people in the homecoming committee were well known with this movie, and the movie was also well known in the motown time,” said Matchem.

There was a purpose to every event they had during spirit week. It wasn’t all for entertainment and fun. There was more to everything they planned, and this movie was supposed to teach every single student a lesson. It was supposed to make them feel something.

“It’s not supposed to impact the students but it was supposed to answer the student’s questions about Motown and what was going on at that time,” said Matchem.

The theme for spirit week was Motown and every year they show a movie that relates to the theme of the week. This movie was supposed to interest every student in terms of being focused just in Motown. They decided to show the movie on Thursday because that was the day students were able to dress like the 1960’s.

Junior Tabatha Scott found the movie interesting and enjoyable. She believed this was one of the most interesting movies Phoenix has shown during spirit week.

“My  favorite part was when they started dancing in the concert because it just showed how much spirit they used to have regardless of their economic status they had fun,” said Scott.

The movie was actually inspiring to some students even though the homecoming committee thought otherwise. There were parts of the movie that even taught Tabatha lessons of how an individual can start off not being known and end up being the most famous person.

“This movie interests me because an individual can actually get lessons out of it and I learned that the more you push yourself the more you end up on top,” said Scott.

The movie impacted her because of the fact that there was African Americans becoming famous. This means that not only white people are inspired back in the day, but blacks were inspired as well.

“It was hard for me to choose a favorite character when all of them impressed me. I guess you can say they were all my favorite characters,” said Scott.

She most importantly enjoyed the movie throughout the whole time. She enjoyed the good popcorn, but most importantly, she hopes that Phoenix keeps showing movies like these during spirit week!