Spanish Dance


Jocelyn Cruz

October 13, 2015 was a day of remembrance for Phoenix Military Academy cadets. October is not only Halloween month but the ending of Hispanic Heritage Month. Around this time, PMA teachers and students prepare for the Spanish Dance. This is a dance that has been going on since 2006. In this dance, students perform spanish songs in a group dance. After the performances, the students go eat and wait until the tamborazo band comes to start the party off in the schools gym

“The most difficult part was to see students arguing about which students were not cooperating during practices,” said Mrs. Raygoza, who was in charge of the dance.

The Spanish Dance starts to be prepared two weeks before the actual dance. During that time the Spanish club meets to create two groups: One group creates pinatas (a paper mache container that contains candy or toys) and the other group dances a choreograph created by  students.

“Honestly, it was fun to create a choreography for the songs,” said PMA’s cadet Vianey Dominguez.

While it was fun, there were also complications when it came to the dance.

“The hardest thing was organizing the team and practices. Everyone had different schedules so we had figure out when and where to practice,” said Dominguez.

The preparation was hard but in the end it was worth it. People all around were having fun and enjoying the dance. If they weren’t dancing, they were eating. But there is always an end and this end was way too early for the dance was stopped 15 minutes early.

“There was a volleyball game afterwards and we had to respect that. But, I did want the extra 15 minutes that I payed the band for. Next year will be better in terms of scheduling,” said Mrs. Raygoza.

Even though the party was stopped early, the dance was a huge success with attendance.