Homecoming V.S. Military Ball


Homecoming is the traditional dance that occurs in the beginning of the school year. Everyone in Phoenix Military Academy  is invited and they as well can bring a guest. Since Phoenix is a military school, it has Military Ball which occurs in late May. Does it ever occur to you which dance students prefer to attend?

“I prefer Military Ball because it’s more exciting to attend and we get dress up all fancy,” said senior Gladis Martinez.

Teachers as well have an opinion in this decision, which is more exciting Homecoming or Military Ball. The teacher’s position in these events. Spanish teacher Ms. Raygoza also has her personal opinion in these events since she must attend them as a chaperone.

“They are both exciting. I love that Military Ball is so formal, and that our students’ look amazing on that night. Homecoming is more informal, and I believe that students sometimes like that about it. Students in homecoming also have a say to the theme, which is why I believe that they enjoy it more. In the end, I still enjoy Military Ball more than homecoming.”  

Everyone’s experience is different, however. Many people would prefer homecoming. Others such as Martinez would prefer Military Ball. Military Ball is a formal dance that is required to dress up and it gives the students a euphoric feeling knowing it is a formal dance.

“I’ve attended both, homecoming has become more boring to me. But Military Ball is the most fun one out of all dances,” said Martinez.

The popularity of homecoming has changed within the last few years. Not many people attend to this event, Even though it has its own theme, music is playing, and there is foor. However, we still wonder why not many people participate.

“ For homecoming they should play different types of genre music,” said Martinez

Homecoming has spirit week. During spirit week students have different themes that they can dress up and spirit weeks takes away the excitement from the Homecoming. However, MIlitary Ball is a day that everyone waits for, it keeps everyone in suspense.